Details for the Charts of Wiederhold ancestors from Diverse Places

Alfred Wiederhold produced 4 volumes of genealogical charts tied to "Verschiedene Orte" (Diverse Places), mainly in Germany. The webpage provides access to these charts.


General information on the Wiederhold Genealogy is on the main website. These documents are accessible as part of the about 1200 pages originally collected into 12 handbound typed books by Alfred Wiederhold over a long period (1930-1985).

Several lines of Wiederhold's were recorded by Alfred Wiederhold. The major ancestry lines are Felsberg (mine) and Homberg an der Efze. Both of those are linked to data for Wedderold/Wiederhold in book I obtained in 2018: Stamtafeln Warburg shows the 6 relevant pages. Many of the charts for Verschiedene Orte listed here are linked as well, often indirectly.

Conversion of Charts

These files were created by manual scanning in 2004/2006, 2008, 2010, 2011 by Gio Wiederhold. Since the charts are large, multiple, overlapping scans were required. The pages are typically arranged left-top, right-top, left-bottom, right bottom. They make more sense when viewed two-up. The identification of their origin is typically found on the second, right-top page. The material nearly always overlaps. To help in matching adjoining pages, many sets have a fiducial red box for some central individual on every page

The top-right page also has the family line identification, and the author. In many tables Roman numerals on the left side identify generation numbers. sometimes the match Felsberg or Homberg charts starting around 1450, otherwise they would just be local to the charts. A latin number above a name indeicates Wiederhold descendants may exist. Note that Wiederhold lines are terminated in these charts when there were no sons.

When an entry says just `Sohn' (son) or `Tochter' (daughter) then little is known about that person. That happens often when children died young - very common in older times. In the tree no entry may be made for these ancestors, they will just be noted as part of the marriage information for the parents.
When matching entries care is needed. Later children were sometimes given the same name as children that died earlier.

Scans of the Verschiedene Orte pages

This page lists 172 charts from the 4 books covering various places (Verschiedene Orte). The charts very greatly in complexity. Most charts are presented as 4 PDF pages. Some related source charts have been combined, so that some listed charts have about 50 PDF pages.

For most of the Verschiedene Orte scans here, in general the first letter of a file name identifies the volumes and source page number. and subsequent letters the town sections, as H for for `Helmshausen', G for 'Gensungen', R for `Rhuende', etc.

There is much less background information for ancestors in these charts than for the Felsberg and Homberg lines. I try to indicate when charts contain much information for emigrants who left Germany for the US, South America, especially Chile, or the Indies. Some notes show where more reserach is warranted.

I appreciate information that can link current descendants to the charts shown here. Many are are on Facebook, in a group "My Name is Wiederhold" or, more recently, on Wiederhold Ancestry,,group intiated and administered by Gregory Wiederhold and me (Gio).

File references

The Charts in Verschiedene Orte books are identified using a code: Wnn@qqTaPa+yystart-yyend or Where:

The actual file names used for were simplified.

Searching for ancestors in the charts

To see if you are a descendant of a Wiederhold in one of the charts:

  1. Use a birthdate of a Wiederhold parent or grandparent,
  2. Go to a file that spans that that birthdate.
  3. If a place of origin is known, go first to files with that primary @placename, but for immigrants the place name is often vague. In the 1850's US emigration officials would just enter it as Prussia, later as Germany. When a town nme is shown, it may be the port-of-departure.
  4. Look on the bottom pages for that parent or grandparent. Below are the birth and death dates, then oo marriage date(s), the spouse's names (both first and family) and dates, the profession, and where they lived.
  5. When birthdates are imprecise, the place of birth or death may help.
  6. If not found on that spanning file, go to the next file that spans the birthdate.
  7. If you have found an entry for a parent/grandparent, trace up and note the birthdate of the eldest ancestor on that page.

The trees that are being published may be easier to use. Entries in the tree from this source are identified in the AW field as V1-V4 Versch,Orte, the file name, and, where needed generation or page numbers. Entries from the Stamtafeln Warburg are labelled WS.

Listing of Charts from Alfred Wiederhold,Verschiedene Orte

It's all in German, of course, and often abbreviated, click to find lists of common abbreviations for names, professions, and towns, as well as some background information.

You may need to increase the magnification percentage to read the fine print.

Volume 1 of Wiederholds in Verschiedene Orte

WV04@Fulda-Wuppertal+~1865-1941. Earliest ancestor there, Emilie W. *~1650, assigned to Konrad W. *1827 in WV26 Rotenburg an der Fulda, without direct support.
WV07@Herzberg-Wien+1790-1980. Karl Wilhem W., a preacher, settled in Cincinnati (1897). Max W. from Frankfurt *1889, has a daughter, Paula, who was an opera singer in Wien.
WV08@USA_MO-NEappAcSteXIV-3+1893-1983. Some went to the US and settled in Missouri and Colorado.
WV11@Lanertshausen&AppAELANX-1+16751981. Much overlap with Homberg Vol.3 FLaL. There are related charts at WV13 and WX55. Johannes W. *1853 went to California, had a hotel, may have returned. Gustav W.*1882, went to US, San Francisco. Much more in VW13 and Vol.3 VWb5-55.
WV12@US_MI-IL-CAappAeLanX1+1809-1956. Here are Wiederholds who went to the US, initially to Michigan and Illinois.
WV13@Lanertshausen-Canada-US_MIappendAeLanX1+1809-1973. Some here went to Canada and US Michigan. The charts extent to recent dates, not all have entered in the tree.
WV14Wetterhold@Lorenzen-France+1695-1983; an early French branch of Shepherds,mainly using the name Wetterhold. Elke W. was in ~1950 student at UA, Alabama. Alfred Wiederhold used German spellings of their given names. After validation with French sources ( the original French given names have been use for their primary entries. Their ancestor likely camefrom WV17@Neukirchen.
WV15Winterholt-Winterhalder-Widderholt@miltenberg+1480-1993. Various spellings that have been linked to likely Wiederholds given location and profession.
WV16@Neuenheerse-US_Lou-MN+~1742-1937. Includes an Aloys W.*1901 in New Orleans USA, others are in Minnesota.
WV17@Neukirchen+1560-1895. Ludwig Ch. W.*1815 went to NY, as a Notary. His son was in the US Army 1861-1865, as Louis Widerhold, but I know of no descendants.
WV18@Niederaula-USA_ILappACSteXII2+1805-1947. Many US settlers in Illinois.
WV19@US_Mo-MD-MI-IL-W_SiberiaAppA-IX6+1506-1982. Settlers in the US, all over, inluding Florida. Some went Siberia, where the was a large self-governing colony at the time, but the ones shown here emigrated then to the US. They likely have same ancestor Jacob (-1477), shown in Felsberg WFF1TaPa+1435-1696.
WV20@normandie-US_MI@1612-1982. Wiederholds who went to the US via France;
WV21@US_MI+1902-1983.pdf. Wiederholds who went to Michigan;
WV22@Frickenhausen-US_MI-ID+1683-1962.pdf; Wiederholds who went to Michigan and Idaho.
WV24@Oberbronn-France+1786-1980.pdf; Wiederholds who settled in France, near Mulhouse.
WV26@Rotenburg an der Fulda +1710-1968.pdf.
WV29@Udenhausen+1675-1983.pdf; Multiple charts. Samuel Wiederhold *1817 went to US and had 348 descendants, not all named. Some settled in Deanville.

Volume 2 of Verschiedene Orte Wiederholds

WW34@Breitenworbis+1664-1932.pdf. A current descendant is Thomas Wiederhold in Guatemala.
WW36@Dingelstadt+1758-1923.pdf. There are about 2750 Wiederhold male and female ancestors shown in Dingelstädt. More charts with updates and further details are in Volume 4, WY01-1310@Dingelstädt. Pages 01-WY03 are appended here. I have purchased a CD containing a copy of the Dingelstädt Kirchenbuch from Ewald Frankenberg, which made it possible to sort them out. Many entries here match entries from the Kirchenbuch, in the tree those are labelled KBD with their reference numbers. However, there are only few entries in this Kirchenbuch after 1780, and Alfred's charts go furter.
WW39@Grossbartloff-Cleveland-McAllen Texas+1800-1977.pdf. Wiederhold descendants are found in Ohio and Texas.
WW42@Heuthen+1913-1980.pdf. This information has been greatly augmented with a book Auswander-Emigrants aus-From Heuthen nach-to Amerika by Rüdiger Kruse. The book is available at Amazon, as well as two other books in German Rudy authored about Heuthen.
WW43@Kefferhausen-MN-WI+1692-1980.pdf. Several charts have been combined. Many Wiederhold wents to Minnesota and Wisconsin. Additional charts are in Volume 4. The community, near Dingelstädt had more than 1650 Wiederhold entries. The charts are too complex to create an adequate tree without the 648 page OrtsFamilienbuch der Katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Kefferhausen I obtained from Ewald Frankenberg. It lists at least 309 Wiederhold families there with about 800 children. Entries in the tree from this source are labelled OFKB. However, there are no Wiederhold entries in this Kirchenbuch after 1891, and Alfred's charts go much further. See also WX48 and WY20.
WW44@Königsberg-VA-IN-TX+1826-1983.pdf; this is not the city Königsberg, East-Prussia (now Kaliningrad in Russia), but rather a small place near Nordhausen in Thüringen, Germany. Stan Wilson, who also has ancestors there, helped sort this ancestry out.
WW45@Nordhausen-Seattle+1621-1947.pdf; Peter Wiederhold is shown living in Seattle about 1980, but I have no further information.
WW48Wiederholl@Solymar-Hungary+1786-1984.pdf; this branch is a mystery, note that Hungary and Austria were strongly related then.

Charts from Volume 3 of Verschiedene Orte Wiederholds

The entries in this volume vary greatly in size.
WX01@MontanaAddstoWHH+1893-1983.pdf; addition to Homberg Ac.(FLS) for Wiederholds that emigrated to Montana.
WX03-05+1243-1689 Early Widderhold &1243-1400@KorbachWedderold@Korbach+1428-1689.pdf; contains very early Wiederholds from the Warburg region, matched now to the Stamtafeln Warburg.
WX06-25@Lanertshausen-add-USA+1675-1981.pdf. Ten combined overlapping charts (source pages 6-25), with descendants of Elisabeth W. *1835 oo Deisenroth in Canada (on pages 11-21) and Wiederholds to the US (Minnesota on page 22-24, Michigan pages 23-24, Washington State page 25). The many non-Wiederhold children have not yet been entered in the Wiederhold FTW tree
WX27-34@Neuenheersee combined+1743-1937. Page 31 shows descendants in Illinois, South Dakota, and Iowa.
WX35-36@Niederaula Nachtrag+>1714-1985g.
WX37&38@Niedergrenzebach and a Nachtrag; Wiederholds via Russia to Washington State and Oregon.
WX39-47 Udenhausen English text and charts combined. Many childresn in Deanfield, Later Giddings, Texas. Translatted by Jack Widerhold, Giddings, Texas.
WX48@Kefferhausen. Relationship Graph 3 for Kefferhausen, superseded by use of the OrtsFamilienbuch Kefferhausen, See also WY20.
Pages 49, 50 & 53 only contain contact addresses

Charts from Verschiedene Orte, Volume 4

WY01-12@Dingelstädt-1758x3 combined charts that expand details of the charts at WV36@Dingelstädt. They have been cross-checked with the Dingelstädt Kirchenbuch (KBD). Those entries are matched in the tree. Four sons of Franz W. emigrated to the US: John W *1843 to Schenectady (p.3), Adolf Christian *1857 (p.3,7-8) and Paul W. *1860 Portland Oregon (p.3,4-6), and Albert George *1863 to Columbus, Ohio (n data here).
WY13,19-43@Kefferhausen1692additional chart that expand details of the charts at WW43@Kefferhausen in Volume 2. These, and subsequent chart have been reviewed and matched with the OrtsFamilienbuch Kefferhausen.Christian W. *1794 moves to the USA in 1846 (page 19-20) s 13,with his 3 children: Joseph W.1822 in Wisconsin(p.23-26, Katharina W.*1827, and Charles W. *1832 in Minnesota (pages 16, 44). George W. *1839 is a soldier in the US civil war, settles in Wisconsin (page 37&38&39). Another George W. *1859 settles in Missouri (p.32). Charles W. *1875 becomes a farmer in Minnesota (p.33-36). .
WY14-17@Grossbartloff-1788, combined charts. descendants went Youngsville, Pennsylvania, and on to California and Tennessee.
WY43-51Kefferhausen1692, charts to try to summarize prior information. They don't appear to contain new information. The attempt has been superseded by using the OrtsFamilienbuch Kefferhausen and creating the matches in a computer-managed tree, rather than on paper..
WY52-65@Eichsfeld does not contain charts. It presents a discussion about Eichsfeld region and the Wiederholds that live there now and their ancestry (pages 52-58 in German - notincluded, pages 59-64 in English). It is clear that Wiederholds lived not only in Dingelstädt and its smaller neighbor Kefferhausen, but also in all the neighboring villages. I have obtained extracts for Wiederhold entries for Bodenrode, Kallmerode, Kreuzebra, Silberhausen and Steinbach from Ewald Frankenberg. The numbers are much smaller, in the dozens. I have not had access to complete church books, so I can't trace maternal ancestors. The discussion here is useful for reviewing and perhaps updating the charts.
WY65-33@Steinbach-gregor1707, combined charts .
WY68-70@Grosswerther-1795, 3 distinct charts.
WY71@Königsberg-Charles1826, one chart , updates WW44@Königsberg-VA-IN-TX in Volume 2.
WY72-73@Nordhausen, combined charts .
WY74-75@Triessen, Switzerland, chart.
ListOfSourceFilesfromVO-Vol4forWeb, combined into the other 8 charts in this section..

The end for now

I welcome comments and additions.