Wiederhold Genealogy Sources

This section provides access to the files that were used to create the Wiederhold genealogy. The primary source are the 12 volunes written by Alfred Wiederhold and published around 1985. The collection is quite large. Public sources, as Wkipedia entries are omitted, although they may change over time. No material subject to copyright is included. See the description of the methods used in interpreting those sources.
Other nublication, as books and public files are listed as General Information.

The tree and working documents include some annotations, specifying what and when data were entered into into my Ancestry software (FTW). Data entered prior to 2015 are available on MyHeritage, but that tree contains some errors that are being corrected in a new and greatly expanded version, to be published in 2019.

All pages here are set up to open in a new tab of your browser, so that the data are easier to navigate. Please inform Gio if you find errors while navigating these files, telling me where the error occurred.

Alfred Wiederhold books, as published

The 12 books can be grouped into 4 categories:

Navigating the volumes is not easy, although these notes provide some guidance. The families, their relationships, and the discoveries of information about them are complex. I follow the original layout of the books here, although I had to jump around when entering data. I am still learning.
Some guidance for using the charts listed here is proved in the introduction to the VerschiedeneOrte volumes, since those have only charts.
Gio maintains a record of the work that has been done to place the information into a file suitable for sharing and publication. Included is a list of other major sources that have contributed to the Wiederhold Genealogy. This file is periodically updated as more of the books is transcribed.
This remainder of this section will provide access to the scans of the original 9 volumes. I will also post the annotated versions of these volumes, showing some corrections, additional linkages, etc.

Introductory Material

There is a general

  • Introduction, welcoming the readers (13 pages, in German. It was written in 1961 and explains the conventions used for the remaining volumes.
    It also includes the earliest references (1441-1507) that Alfred found. Subsequent entries are in the Homberg and Felsberg books. It was bound with Homberg Volume 1.
    Another distinct source is a multi-page chart that focuses on
  • Wiederhold nobility. It attempts to link entries that also appear in detailed text. It is copied and edited from a 1699 document that seemed intended to establish the status of a Wiederhold daughter to be married into the rich family of the mayor of Bremen.

    Stammfolgen Wiederhold aus Felsberg

    The two Felsberg volumes were the earliest books published. They include entries for the authors: (Alfred Wiederhold *1918, in Felsberg Vol.2, Section Dd pp.79,91-94) and my (Gio Wiederhold *1936, Felsberg Vol.1, Section Da p.68,75) and their ancestors. During 2014-and 2015 I completed a thorough pass over the 2 Felsberg books, cross-checking with other sources, as the Deutsche Geschlechterbücher. All charts have been scanned in and placed on the web.
    All 4 text sections, D, Da, Db, and Dc (each 40 to 89 pages) have been scanned in as well and all names have been validated and entered into my Family Tree Maker file as of 15 Jan 2015.

    In 2018 I was able to obtain a copy of the Warburger Stammtafeln. The earliest Felsberg Ancestors also appear on those charts, extending the past generations to the 12th century AD.

    1. AW1985FamilyResearch.pdf.
    2. Stammfolgen aus Felsberg, Volume 1, 1980. About 275 pages in Book 03 + charts

    3. Stammfolgen aus Felsberg, Volume 2, 1980. About 189 pages in Book 04 + charts Contains 2 large text sections, Dd and De, all charts and text sections have been scanned in and the data have been entred
    4. Stammfolgen Wiederhold aus Homberg Efze

      These 3 volumes were published in 1983 although some subsection were created earlier. There is a total of 19 textual sections. There are 5 sections of charts that were scanned separatly.
      All Wiederholds born prior to 1900 shown here have been entered into the on-line tree, as well as all Wiederholds that were shown to have emigrated.

      Stammfolgen aus Homberg, Volume 1, 1981 This book (Scan Book 05)is about 195 pages, plus related charts. After the intial section Homberg A it splits into 5 parts, one for each son of a generation II parent. Two more sections cover earlier children found Section A. An appended chart for an early branch follows the introduction here.

      Stammfolgen aus Homberg, Volume 2, 1983 This book (Scan Book 06)is about 187 pages plus related charts. It contains 11 text sections, Aa1 to Aa7 and Ab1 to Ab4. They mainly contain extensions to Sections of Homberg Vol. 1. The charts have been combined with the prior charts.

      Stammfolgen aus Homberg, Volume 3, 1983 This book (Scan Book 07)is about 195 pages, plus related charts. It contains 6 text sections, Ac, Ac1,Ac2 and Ae1 to Ae3 They mainly contain extensions to Sections of Homberg Vol. 1. The charts have been combined with the prior charts in Homberg volume 2 Ac and Ae.

      There is a record of a 1912 intemarriage of a Homberg branch Heinrich Wiederhold (*1881) and Felsberg branck Katharina Wiederhold (*1978).

      Stammtafeln Wiederhold aus Verschiedenen Orte

      The many charts from these 4 Volumes have been placed on the Wiederhold website as well. These 4 volumes contain charts of various complexity. Many of the charts were linked to the earlier Warbuger Stammtafeln or to Felsberg or Homberg entries shown above. For a few the linkage is to uncertain to enter.

      Most were shown earlier at Gio's Stanford ancestry pages

      Two more volumes

      One volume of various individual Wiederhold citations are available on-line:

      Look at what interests you, enjoy, and provide feedback and updates.

      Other publications

      I have cross-checked the information provided by Alfred Wiederhold with many others sources, both on the Internet and in publications that I borrowed or purchased. Those are listed as

    5. GenealogyInformation on the
    6. Wiederhold.org web site.

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