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Created 4 February 2019, updated several time since, see below.

2019: The information on this website is free for public use, but copied material should be credited; by default to Gio Wiederhold, unless otherwise identified.

This website is intended to preserve Wiederhold family history information. Since it likely that all Wiederholds are related, an important part of this web site is the comprehensive Wiederhold genealogy. It enables a Wiederhold descendant not only to find one's own ancestor, but also determine relationships among each other and with historical figures.

A comprehensive collection of Wiederhold family data was started by Alfred Wiederhold (1918-1987) around 1930. That became the basis for a comprehensive 1700 Wiederhold Tree, with validation from other sources whenever possible.
The current 1860 tree, Early Wiederholds, , has about 57,000 total entries. It covers all Wiederholds born before 1860, the start of the U.S civil war, since that would cover most emigrants, as well as many of their descendants. Those later descendants await validation.
The 1860 version of March 2021 contained over 10,000 named Wiederholds. That count includes about 50 von Wiederholds, as well as about 150 Wedderolds, the spelling used in the middle ages, and nearly 2500 relatives, mainly in the United States, that changed the spelling of the name. There are about 30 alternative spellings, including about 1000 to Weatherholt/d and 300 to Wetterholt/d. A few descendants use names that don't relate to the name Wiederhold and will miss most of those. Through marriages there are of course many maternal ancestors with their own names. For Wiederhold daughters I try to include their husbands, the husband's parents, their children, the children's spouses, but I go rarely beyond. References given would enable further searches.
A tree of the prior version, validated Wiederholds born before 1800, and their descendants is also avilable at that site.

A webpage covers the origin and count of alternate names used by emigrants that moved to the United States and to other parts of the world. It also lists the name variations and their counts. Another page describes names and tree structure and provides the references used in the Wiederhold genealogy.

The primary source comprised 12 volumes from 1980 to 1985. Gio Wiederhold has entered, validated, and greatly expanded that information.

I also maintain a tree for my mother's family, Cornelia Tuybens. She was born 1913 in Tasikmalaya, the Netherlands East Indies, now Indonesia. A public copy of that tree is available at the Ancestry website. The related Tuybens story is included here.

Some close and remote relatives have contributed, I thank them all. I have obtained many other sources and exploited the Internet as well. Wikipedias in various languages provided much general historical information. Most entries have their sources cited. The genealogy itself is a working document and contains validated, likely, and possible relationships. Assumptions are noted and changes are likely.

You can share current notes on the Wiederhold Ancestry Facebook membership page. That page should open in new window on your browser. Please do not use Facebook's Messenger for updates or queries of genealogical information. Its quickie format does not allow convenient search or filing. Instead, please use email to Gio@earth.stanford.edu, the address I prefer for non-professional communication, instead.

An earlier open Facebook group was "My Last Name is Wiederhold ... No ... Its not a joke" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2216235533/about/ . I invite all Wiederhold relatives to join the new Ancestry Facebook group.

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My professional web page. The retirement page there allows access to the early, obsolete genealogy web page at Stanford. Since it has been used by others in the past I keep it alive.

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